• Is the leadership capacity within your organization fully
    developed enough to lead in the 21st Century?  

  • Do you consider yourself and others in your organization
    high performers who are finding meaning and fulfillment
    in your lives and careers?

  • Does the environment within your organization encourage
    the growth and results desired?

    Leadership and organizational behavior are complex phenomena that don’t
    fit neatly into the conceptual frames so often offered as quick fixes and easy
    answers in the management literature and by many consulting firms and
    training companies.  Our emphasis is on leadership as social artistry.

    The Meyer Leadership Group provides in-depth leadership, team and
    organization development.  We work primarily with leaders and the
    organizations and communities they seek to lead.  We also develop
    leadership capacity in high potential candidates and assist individuals with
    career and life issues and transitions.

    Contact us if you or your team members want to:

  • Get inspired about leadership and learn to “see” the world,
    your organization and yourselves through new eyes.

  • Have an in-depth experience in developing leadership

  • Become more congruent and effective communicators.

  • Have an ally and thought partner for exploring important

  • Be a significant influence in creating a viable organization
    in which you want to work.

    The MLG brings together the talents of three distinguished senior
    consultants with many years of combined experience in approximately 300
    organizations around the world.  We have made significant contributions in
    a wide variety of environments and offer a broad spectrum of consulting
    services including:
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“I learned that leadership is not a cookie-cutter formula."
Leadership Development Program Participant Jenifer Continente
Leadership Development Programs

“This program has taught me much more than what a true leader is.  I have learned more
about myself in your programs than I have learned about myself in a lifetime.”
Jean Munns, Supervisor, Pacific Gas & Electric

Executive and Personal Coaching

“I have worked with many consultants over the years, and Bruce is simply
the best I have ever worked with … I was able to work better with the
board of directors, the customers and the employees.”  
Lenny Lipton, CEO, StereoGraphics Corporation

Organization Development

“Excellent, powerful, healing, opening, clearing . . . We have needed this for so long.
I got a tremendous amount.”
Linda Rosa Corazon, Professor, Skyline College
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