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    One of the participants in our leadership development programs was so
    impressed with the impact of the program that she found a way to bring us
    into her organization in another capacity.  When a need for team
    development became evident in her division within a large
    governmental organization, she contacted Dr. Meyer.  The consultation
    began with intensive interviews with core team members and numerous

    A number of themes emerged from the needs analysis, including the
    presence of fear-based attitudes and behaviors, confusion around roles and
    responsibilities, too much personalization of issues and events, divergent
    views of leadership among key players, and authority, power and status issues.  
    The environment was tension-filled and stressful.  Pairings, inadequate
    communication and unresolved interpersonal conflicts were interfering with the
    development of an effective team.

    During the 10-month duration of the contract, these issues were
    addressed through a data feedback session, an intensive two-day team-
    building retreat held offsite, ongoing individual coaching for each team
    member, and group coaching, conflict resolution and relationship-building
    sessions.  The results included these outcomes:

  • Roles and responsibilities were clarified.
  • Long-held conflicts were addressed.
  • Personnel realigned and repositioned themselves voluntarily.
  • Communication improved significantly.
  • Each person was heard, received extensive feedback and
    was provided with the option to have the resources and
    coaching support to generate and activate a development
    plan.  Ninety-two percent chose to do so.
  • Team members recognized the relationship between their
    attitudes and behaviors and team functioning and
  • Individual team members developed awareness and skills that
    improved their effectiveness and satisfaction and also
    impacted team functioning.

    Those benefits are reflected in the comments from core team members

    The coaching “helped me to see and interpret others’ actions from a
    different angle, from a more balanced perspective.”  

    “I’ve been more confident in my abilities, have been more effective in
    managing my time, and have been more aware of my actions and how
    they could potentially come across.  As a result of this awareness, I have
    changed some of my styles, which has resulted in more effective working

    “The single most valuable result I achieved was being able to identify
    impatience as the root cause of many of the negative behaviors that I and
    others have observed.  I am much more aware of my impatience and the
    need to deal with it.  I will often catch myself being impatient, or even better,
    I will go into a 1:1 meeting with the self-awareness that I need to listen and
    not be impatient.  This has already paid dividends in several interpersonal

    “My overall confidence improved in just eight sessions with Bruce.  I really
    improved my ability to communicate directly to people.  He taught me to
    go with my gut instincts on what I knew was right, instead of doubting myself
    or being afraid, so I felt more confident to take a risk to better the situation.”

    “Our whole team is a lot more considerate toward one another as a result
    of Bruce’s work.”
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