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    For Profit Organizations

    Apple Computer - Cupertino, California
    Bank of America - San Francisco, California
    Bayer Corporation - Berkeley, California
    Chevron - San Ramon, California
    Florida Power & Light - Miami, Florida
    Genentech, Inc. - South San Francisco, California
    General Telephone Company - Multiple locations in California
    Hewlett-Packard - Palo Alto, California
    International Business Machines - Coral Gables, Florida
    Kaiser Permanente - Berkeley and Oakland, California
    MasterCard International - Rye Brook, New York
    Nippon Steel - Tokyo, Japan
    StereoGraphics Corporation - San Rafael, California
    Sun Microsystems - Mountain View, California
    Wells Fargo Bank - San Francisco, California

    Community/Governmental Organizations

    American National Red Cross - Miami, Florida
    Bureau of Indian Affairs - Sacramento, California
    Center for Health and Creative Arts - Quezon City, the Philippines
    Chabot Space & Science Center - Oakland, California
    City of Oakland - Oakland, California
    Department of Veteran Affairs - Washington, D.C.
    Environmental Protection Agency - San Francisco, California
    Fannie Mae - Washington, D.C.
    Foundation for the Homeless - Budapest, Hungary
    Girl Scout Council of Tropical Florida - Miami, Florida
    Institute of Noetic Sciences - Sausalito, California
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - Livermore, California
    Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement - Quezon City, the Philippines
    United States Office of Education Training Center - Sacramento, California
    United States Park Service - Mesa Verde, Colorado

    Education and Training Centers

    Agrupacion Gestaltico de Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Charles University - Prague, the Czech Republic
    Ciudade Universidad - Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Eotvos Lorand University - Budapest, Hungary
    Instituto Gestaltico de Santiago - Santiago, Chile
    Instituto Wilhelm Reich - Mexico City, Mexico
    Liptovsky Mikulas Hospital - Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia
    Nomura Center for Lifelong Integrated Education - Yoyogi, Japan
    Riverview Retreat - Wichita, Kansas
    San Francisco Conservatory of Music - San Francisco, California
    St. Petersburg University - St. Petersburg, Russia
    Stanford University - Palo Alto, California
    University of Beijing - Beijing, China
    University of Marburg - Marburg, Germany
    University of Santo Tomas - Manila, the Philippines
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