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    Manager of a growing international group within a Fortune 100
    company – He selected our leadership program because it “seemed to offer
    opportunities to grow as an individual and expand my horizons.”

  • “Funny how I came into this program expecting one thing and got it but in an
    entirely different format than what I expected.  For example, I expected learning
    about effective communication skills via having to write and deliver speeches;
    instead I got it through group discussions, examples from Bruce, and gentle
    facilitation corrections.  I expected to learn about leadership skills through
    textbooks and articles and instead I learned by using text and handouts as a
    catalyst to interactive exercises that “forced” me to “see” myself as who I really

  • "The material and exercises worked wonders for my self-esteem and literally
    improved my outlook on life.  How often I am now aware of what my immediate
    actions/words might be affecting someone’s self-esteem is amazing.  I am using
    this at work, home, and my day to day interactions for everyone I meet."

  • Without a doubt the biggest lesson learned was that without self-awareness
    one is destined to live a limited existence."

  • "My personal self-discovery helped me to heighten the awareness that I am not a
    victim of my environment, but rather a participant that has the sole power to
    let other things affect me, limit me, and define me.  I also see through this self-
    discovery process that others are just like me insofar as they get hurt, are at
    times insecure, have similar desires and needs and aspirations."

  • "An important insight that resonated with me was the comment that leadership
    can emerge from anywhere within an organization.  I will be on the look out for
    that within my organization and figure out how to harness its potential."  

  • "Also, that all individuals have the potential to lead was insightful.  This means
    that I need to spend time and energy developing courses and leadership
    development plans for my organization."

  • "This material opened my eyes to who I really am, what I really like, what I don’t
    like, etc."

  • "These simple exercises were so powerful that weeks later I am still reliving

  • "Probably most importantly, this course made me realize that leadership and
    all the information learned in this program is useful to all phases of my life:
    work, home, play.”

Leadership Program Case Study
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