The Meyer Leadership Group provides services to organizational and
    individual clients with a keen interest in leadership excellence and
    personal, team and organizational effectiveness.

    Most MLG clients are either organizations or individuals who hold
    management or leadership positions.  Individuals may be CEOs, VPs,
    local, national or international leaders or government officials, nonprofit
    executive directors, college or health care administrators, division or
    departmental managers, team leaders or other professionals.

    We work with:

    1.    Organizational, community and international leaders who:

  • Hold positions of formal authority and recognize the gap between
    holding a position and providing leadership.
  • Are successful managers who feel a need for stimulation and
    additional skills to lead their organizations toward greater impact
    and results.  
  • Are doing their best with what they bring to their circumstances but
    have never had a real in-depth leadership development experience.  
  • Want to understand the complexity of leadership and practice its art.

    2.    Organizations that:

  • Are ready to create a healthier organizational climate.
  • Have been challenged by motivational or morale issues or teams
    that don’t function well enough.                
  • Have unidentified issues or unresolved conflicts that need to be
  • Encounter barriers in moving toward maximizing organizational or
    team potential.
  • Have an academy or leadership training function that could use
    more inspiration and a more effective and dynamic curriculum.

    3.    High potential managers and professionals who:

  • Aspire to leadership yet wonder if they are ready to take the next
  • Seek an environment that will support their growth toward leadership
    outside their organization or as a supplement to regular organization
    venues, performance reviews, etc.
  • Have demonstrated technical expertise but haven’t honed the people
    skills required for moving up in the organization.

    4.    Individuals who:

  • Are feeling stressed or unsure in dealing with the uncertainties of
    change and transition.
  • Seek career advancement/perspective.
  • Are challenged by relationship management issues, e.g., dealing
    with a difficult boss or communication challenges.

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    resonate with you or with people within your organization.

    The following clients are most likely to be a good fit for working with

  • You are interested in making a contribution to your
    organization and its people and making a difference in the
    world around you.  Your work is not just about money and
    security for you.  

  • You are a person for whom doing “good enough” doesn’t
    make it.  You highly value excellence and are continually looking
    for ways to be the best at what you do and also want your work to
    be meaningful for you and those around you.

  • You are technically competent and successful in what you
    do.  Sometimes understanding the mysterious “human element”
    seems elusive and confounding.

  • You realize you don’t know everything and are open to new
    ideas and to expanding your knowledge and expertise.

  • You recognize that situations are often complex and
    uncertain and that the unknown and unseen can have tangible
    effects.  You seek to understand and expand your awareness of
    blind spots and local and global factors that may be influencing
    your results.

  • You recognize that learning is a lifelong “process” and not
    some “state” at which a person “arrives.”
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