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    Are some of these statements true for you or people within your

  • You are a senior executive or manager with considerable
    responsibility.  You have a broad scope of responsibilities and
    demands on your time and are finding that the old ways of doing
    things don’t seem to be working in the way you would like and just
    doing more or working harder is not the answer.

  • You have been operating in solo mode for a long time and
    find yourself wearing down.  You feel a need for an infusion of
    ideas and perspective, new inspiration and a confidential resource.

  • You have risen rapidly in your organization and been
    recognized as a high potential person.  You have relied upon
    your natural talents and technical expertise, but find yourself in a
    position that demands capacities for which you haven’t been trained,
    e.g., emotional and social intelligence and leadership competencies.

  • You are concerned about whether your organization will
    continue to grow and keep up with your competition.  You
    work in an organization that has had some success and has even
    greater potential, but you are afraid it will not be realized.  

  • You are on a team with morale and trust issues.  Team
    members have hidden agendas and don’t communicate fully or
    well.  Conflicts are usually avoided so as to not rock the boat.
    Some individuals behave in ways that are self-serving rather
    than team-oriented and may be competing with each other in a
    counterproductive way.  Less than desirable team participation
    and productivity are evident.

  • You’ve come to a point in your career where you resonate
    with the song lyric, “Is that all there is?”  Some of the pizzazz
    has gone out of the inherent rewards of your career and you are
    wondering how it could be more satisfying.
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