In our work with organizations and organizational leaders, we take into account
    existing structures and systems and their impact upon performance.  We assist
    our clients to master an awareness of the complex forces at play and the inter-
    relatedness of all parts of the system and to integrate global and local signals
    and clues to identify what is important.  Our focus is on building leadership
    capacity and on creative solutions to both known challenges and unseen

    Perhaps the best way to gauge the nature of our work and its impact is to
    consider that the great majority of our clients extend their original contracts,
    and that lasting working relationships and friendships are generated.  We not
    only bring senior level expertise to the table but also genuine collaboration
    and connection that go beyond most business dealings.  

    This page along with the case studies section will describe some of the results
    that our clients have reported.  It will also give you an understanding of our
    approach as well as what makes us different from most consulting groups.

    Expected Results

  • New ways of looking at the world and understanding
    leadership challenges – Probably the most frequent feedback
    from our clients relates to an expanded perspective about
    themselves, leadership and the world.

    “The mental image I had of a manager as leader has been forever
    altered for the better.  I can honestly say I walked away with a deeper
    understanding of what it takes to lead as we forge ahead into the new
            Gabriel Ortega, Manager, C&I Customer Portfolio, Chevron

  • Enhanced teamwork – When your team works with us, you can
    expect improved team performance and productivity.  Many have
    reported dramatic results.

    “After our session with you, I saw participation as never before among our
    executive team.”
                     Norm O’Shea, VP of Manufacturing, SBE, Inc.

  • Organizational renewal – Our clients become change agents
    toward creating more effective and humane organizations.

    “Your program really opened up my thought process about what we need
    to do in my organization.  I have already sent out an e-mail this morning to
    my boss.  Do you ever realize the impact that your guidance and principles
    have on people and organizations?”
                                        Dale Bouguennec, Executive Director
                                       Customer Relations, Cingular Wireless

  • Improved communication skills and better work
    relationships The implications of the strides our clients take in
    these areas cannot be overstated.

    “I am looking at situations with eyes wide open and noticing I am not
    prejudging or interpreting but listening better.  I can feel changes within me
    in the workplace and even at home as I enter into dialogues and
    communicate differently….more openly.”
     Cheryl Frydel, Pulmonary Clinical Services Director, Kaiser Permanente

  • Improved performance – Our clients are able to translate their
    increased awareness and shifts in thinking and attitudes into
    demonstrable behavioral changes.

    “My coach helped me overcome mental roadblocks and unconscious dead
    ends so that I can perform at a high level.”  
                                    Jon Ewigleben, Supervising Civil Engineer
                Community & Economic Development Agency, City of Oakland

    Our Unique Approach

    We go deeper.  We know many techniques and use them when appropriate.  
    However, our focus goes beyond the superficial techniques of most entry-
    level consulting and coaching programs, which often rely upon a single model
    or assessment tool.  

    We see each individual and organization as unique.  We actually
    “consult” with and “coach” our clients.  We do not try to diagnose how they fit
    into our preconceived models.  We use our resources and creativity to
    respond to the perceived and hidden agendas, needs, and potential of our
    clients.  We design programs and interventions that fit a particular individual,
    team, organization or community.

    Our programs are highly experiential and challenging.  A specialty is
    creating learning “experiences” that provide a laboratory for attitudinal and
    behavioral change, not just acquiring conceptual knowledge.  Usually a
    combination of group experiences and individual coaching is involved.

    We are flexible.  We can provide a wide range of services, with a preference
    toward in-depth work over time that will have staying power and not be just a
    quick-hit “fix” that is likely to soon be forgotten.

    We are proactive and focus on developing the “whole” person and
    organization.  While we are skilled at working with “performance” issues, we
    prefer to do so in the context of developing individual and collective potential.
    We recognize that such issues are often complex and reciprocally influenced.

    We value and practice integrity in our work and lives.  We engage our
    clients in levels of truth-telling and feedback in respectful, sensitive and direct
    ways that allow it to be heard and acted upon.

    We encourage emergent leadership.  We recognize that leadership can
    come in many forms and from anywhere within an organization.  We assist
    organizations in maximizing their leadership potential.

    Our approach is not for everyone.  It requires an organization that is
    serious about wanting effective leaders with cutting-edge knowledge,
    perspective and skills.  We seek to work with organizations that are willing to
    go beyond cosmetic appearances and invest in the development of their
    people over time so they are equipped to meet and respond to the unfolding
    challenges and rapidly changing circumstances of our modern world.  
    Prerequisites for individuals entering our leadership development programs
    and coaching include interest in a big picture view, a willingness to be actively
    engaged and a desire for excellence.
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