The MLG works with our clients to expand leadership capacity and
    organizational effectiveness through customized programs and
    interventions.  Clients consistently report outcomes that go beyond
    expectations.  They have developed the mental models, awareness and
    behavior changes necessary to perform more effectively and make a
    difference in working with the people and systems in their organizations and

    We help our clients identify strengths and challenges to growth that
    come from the interplay of the personal psychologies of individuals, the
    dynamics of a unique group, and factors in the global field.  We design and
    facilitate programs and provide coaching and consulting support with an
    emphasis on excellence, meaning, and results that are self-

    “This is one of the most inspirational programs I have ever taken.  It
    challenged me to think beyond the ordinary, move out of my comfort zone
    and explore hidden potential.  Since it ended, I have noticed that I am
    transforming into a completely different person.  Before I did not see
    myself as a leader, but now I know that I am a leader.”
                             Lucia Antonio, Antioch Unified School District

    Leadership Development Programs

    While there are many approaches to training in leadership, they differ widely
    in their depth and duration of impact.  The Meyer Leadership Group offers
    highly effective, in-depth, experientially-based programs and
    emphases for leaders who want to take their careers and organizations to
    new levels and to increase their contributions to their organizations and
    communities.  These can be experienced as intact programs or customized
    to the particular needs of an organization.  Click here for more details.

    Executive and Personal Coaching

    The MLG works directly with executives, managers and other
    professionals who want to expand their possibilities, improve their
    performance and leadership effectiveness, advance their career options,
    and/or enhance the quality of their lives.  These are usually in-person
    coaching sessions, supplemented with telephone and e-mail communication
    as needed.  Coaching within organizations may also bring about
    alignment of individual goals and behaviors with organizational vision and
    values. It usually involves individual coaching with key people, sometimes
    parallel with group coaching.  Click here for more information about coaching
    and MLG coaching services.

    Organization Development Consulting

    The MLG offers a full range of organization development services.  The focus
    of our consulting is to measurably improve the communication, leader
    effectiveness, teamwork and environment so that the organization can have
    the tools to be productive and growing in the 21st Century.  Organizational
    interventions are customized to fit each unique organizational setting.
    Click here for more information about our consulting services with organizations.
"I met things which I hadn't known before.  A new world
and new opportunities opened before me.”
Former Hungarian government official
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