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    Coaching is a rapidly growing profession providing an effective
    means of enhancing executive and management performance and
    leadership capacity as well as organizational health and productivity.  
    Coaching is highly regarded and in demand as shown in national and
    international surveys, e.g., one conducted by Jeff Auerbach at the College of
    Executive Coaching found that the great majority of companies surveyed
    make use of coaching.  Other research has revealed 87-100% of respondents
    reporting that coaching can have a positive impact on personal and
    professional development as well as on an organization’s bottom line.  More
    specifically, the effects of coaching include:

  • A perceived direct link between investing in executive development
    and business performance, with increased productivity and a return
    on investment approaching a factor of six
  • Greater alignment of executive behavior with organizational goals
    and values
  • Success in developing leadership skills
  • Improved relationships and teamwork
  • Enhanced capacity to learn from experience

    Examples of the results that have consistently occurred for MLG coaching
    clients are:

    “Our coaching sessions were the best I have ever had with anyone!  I kept
    feeling better as we went along and gained incredible clarity in my
    personal and professional life."
         Ron Branning, Vice President, Commercial Quality, Genentech, Inc.

    “Working with Bruce helped me develop professionally as well as
    personally.  He helped me discover the underlying reason for some of
    the issues that I was having, and helped me work through them so that
    I could become more effective.”
                               Jenifer Continente, government administrator

    “My coach served as my brainstorming partner, helping me think through
    difficult times, crises and challenging work issues. . . As a result of my work
    with Bruce, I have more confidence in working with my team, have
    improved my communication with both them and my supervisor, and
    have learned to take better care of myself in the midst of a demanding
         Brendalynn Goodall, Manager, Aging and Adult Services Division
                          Department of Human Services, City of Oakland

    The MLG Approach to Coaching

    We view a coaching client as a unique individual working within a distinct, multi-
    layered environment at a particular time in his/her life and in the flow of world
    events.  We work as an ally and partner to the coaching client, co-creating
    desired outcomes, expanding awareness of the dynamics at play and learning
    adaptive behaviors.  We prefer individualized coaching interactions to pre-
    designed coaching programs or techniques.
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Executive and Personal Coaching
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