The MLG Team
Bruce Meyer has been working with individual
and team development, human potential and
organizational effectiveness in a variety of roles
for over 35 years.  He has held leadership
positions in university, nonprofit and corporate
settings, consulted with over 90 organizations,
trained over 3800 people, counseled and
coached several hundred individuals, and
worked in 17 countries in 9 different languages.  
Bruce is known for his perceptiveness, integrity
and ease of style and acknowledged
internationally as an expert facilitator and
trusted coach and consultant.
Jeanne Cherbeneau's background includes 30+
years in management and internal and external
coaching and consulting roles for a wide variety
of individual executives and professionals,
management and executive teams, and boards
of directors.  She has consulted at well over 100
organizations, ranging from start-ups to
multinational conglomerates, taught at several
colleges and universities and made numerous
presentations for conferences and business and
professional associations.  She is also an author
and is recognized as a national leader in the field
of organization development and as an
exceptional resource and inspiration for her
clients and colleagues alike.
Tom Ucko is a seasoned executive coach and
organizational consultant with a unique blend of
tough-minded business sense and psychological
savvy.  Known as the “team doc,” his work helps
leaders and leadership teams resolve the
troublesome dilemmas that keep them from
meeting their business goals and reaching their
potential.  He is particularly effective with conflict,
and in "messy," emotionally charged, or
ambiguous situations.  His clients describe him as
quick to grasp the essence of a situation, clear
and forthright in his recommendations and
courageous in dealing with difficult issues.
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Jeanne Cherbeneau, Ph.D.
Bruce Meyer, Ed.D.
The Meyer Leadership Group consists of three core members with additional
senior consultants and coaches available as needed.
Tom Ucko, MBA, MA