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    Dr. Meyer has taken his professional skills to a wide range of
    organizational and geographical settings.  In addition to his consulting
    and coaching work, he has been Director of Training at the National Center for
    the Exploration of Human Potential, founder and director of the International
    Human Development Project, manager of the Miami Career Center and a dean
    and faculty member at several colleges and universities.  In his work he draws
    upon his extensive experience with adult education, assessment, career/life
    transitions, cross-cultural communication, group dynamics, human potential,
    interpersonal relations, leadership training, person-centered counseling, and

    In working with organizations and organizational leaders, Bruce uses
    a variety of process interventions to facilitate change, create healthy
    environments and develop effective leadership.  A primary theme of his
    consulting, coaching and leadership trainings is helping leaders make the shift
    from the traditional management posture of accumulating professional acumen
    to leadership as social artistry.  He has coached CEO’s, senior executives,
    government officials, managers and other professionals in Fortune 500 and
    smaller organizations for improving leadership effectiveness and performance
    and for managing change.  

    Bruce holds master’s and doctoral degrees in Higher Education with a
    specialization in human development programs from the University of Miami
    and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Millikin University.
    He is a Certified Professional Coach (College of Executive Coaching), National
    Certified Counselor (NCC - #34004) and Licensed Mental Health Counselor
    (Florida LMHC - #3171) and holds counseling and teaching credentials in
    California colleges and certifications as a group leader and trainer from several
    training institutes and educational centers.  Bruce is also a member of the
    Association for Humanistic Psychology, the Bay Area Organization
    Development Network, the International Coach Federation, and North Bay
    Coaches.  He has traveled widely, having visited over forty countries, and has
    worked professionally in Asia, Latin America and Europe.  

    Human potential pioneer and former colleague Herbert Otto has described
    Bruce as a “good friend, adventurous spirit and exceptional group facilitator.”
    His coaching clients describe him as personable, knowledgeable, perceptive,
    honest, non-judgmental, an excellent listener and good at “reading between
    the lines.”

    “Bruce is very flexible, adapts to the person, has a very easy way about
    him and is very intuitive…he sensed what needed to be addressed.”

    Participants in Dr. Meyer’s leadership programs have portrayed him as “a
    gifted teacher,” “truly a professional,” “a role model for all of us” and “truly a
    change agent in leadership development.”  He:

    “Has a great knowledge base”
    “Created a very open, trusting climate, which allowed each
    person to engage and express  personal issues”
    “Engaged – stimulated – provided great insight”
    “Was able to get all to participate in a non-threatening way”
    “Effectively presented complex subject matter”
    “Has a special skill in getting others to see themselves more
    “Brought the best out of everyone.”

    “Bruce has an amazing ability to sense things and push things to the very
    limit, but not go over it.  He has such an awareness of people and sensing
    rhythms and an amazing ability to allow things to unfold.”
Bruce Meyer, Ed.D.
(415) 383-8833
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Bruce Meyer has been working with
individual and team development,
human potential and organizational
effectiveness in a variety of roles for
over 35 years.
 He has held leadership
positions in university, nonprofit and
corporate settings, consulted with over 90
organizations, trained over 3800 people,
counseled and coached several hundred
individuals, and worked in 17 countries in 9
different languages.  Bruce is known for his
perceptiveness, integrity and ease of style
and acknowledged internationally as an
expert facilitator and trusted coach and