As you view this cresting wave, see if you are able to
stretch your perception to encompass the possibility
that you are simultaneously riding the crest of a huge
wave and being one with it, i.e., a part of the wave's
makeup, its innards.  
Now shift awareness into the
core of the wave where you
are secure, protected and
an emergent part of a
very powerful, all-
Then, see if you can go a step further and have a fleeting awareness that both images/events are happening
simultaneously.  You are riding on a powerful force (in a sense separate from it) and also an integral part of it.
Can you hold them both in your consciousness at the same time?  Perhaps this is the core of the leadership
Can you allow yourself to experience
the power, elation, risk and danger of being
on the edge as it builds momentum and prepares
to break onto the next wave or shore?
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The cresting wave is both a visionary image and a felt sense.  It has had ongoing meaning for me and provided
invaluable guidance for my life work.  I’ve spent over 25 years exploring ways to manifest this vision around the world.

The Meyer Leadership Group is one approach.
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