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    The purpose of these programs is to enable executives, managers
    and potential leaders to develop the perspectives and skills
    necessary to lead their organizations in the 21st Century.  We believe
    that leadership development is a “process” that is maximized by experiences
    that are challenging and supportive and provide constructive, ongoing
    feedback.  We also hold that the process must have vitality and go below
    the surface for leadership development to have a lasting impact.  For an
    outline of the levels and content covered in our work with individual executives and
    groups, click here.

    Dr. Meyer has developed a sequence of three programs that have proven
    effective in a variety of organizational and geographical settings.  These
    programs contain some of the essentials for effective leadership in our rapidly
    changing and complex organizational settings and global environment.  These
    are all intensive group experiences that are conducted either with intact teams
    or groups of identified leaders or potential leaders in a series of 3-5 day
    workshops or shorter seminars meeting regularly over time.

    Third Millennium Leadership - Introduces cutting-edge ideas and
    practices regarding leadership challenges as we begin a new century.
    The emphasis is upon making the necessary shifts in thinking, awareness
    and behavior for remaining a vital part of the organizations and social
    systems of the future.        More

    Developing Leadership Potential - Provides an in-depth exploration of
    the intertwined nature of personal and leadership development.  Many
    of the problems present in organizational and leadership behavior
    cascade from stymied potential and identity deficiencies, e.g., power and
    control issues and performance inadequacies.  Conversely, a healthy self-
    concept and ongoing realization of potential furnish an essential foundation
    for leadership presence and competence.        More

    The Congruent Leader - Extends the personal and group exploration of
    leadership dimensions identified during Third Millennium Leadership
    under conditions that both support and expand leadership development.
    Incongruent behavior on the part of those in leadership positions is often
    the culprit in sabotaging organizational effectiveness.  The focus during this
    training is on movement from avoiding conflict to dealing with reality and on
    developing the capacities for congruent communication and risk-taking,
    expanded awareness and comfort with process dynamics.        More

    The outcomes from participation in MLG programs can be found in the
    “soft” verification described by testimonials such as those found below and
    elsewhere on this web site.  It also can be found in the “hard” evidence
    established through empirical research.  Dr. Meyer has conducted a 10-year
    experimental research project that has consistently demonstrated statistically
    significant positive effects on participants' individual development
    and inclination to influence relationships.

    These programs have been strongly endorsed by participants as being
    personally relevant and meaningful as well as having strong ripple effects in
    their work and lives.

    “This is an invaluable program. . . I really got a lot out of it.  It was life
    changing for me.  I tapped into something within me.  I am surprised by
    my growth from this program. . . I am leaving this program with amazing
    insight into my own potential.  I don’t even know how to express my
    deepest gratitude for this present.”
                             Selected Quotes from Program Evaluations

    “This program is a great example of action learning.  Study a concept,
    practice it in an experiential learning environment, and then move out
    into the real world.  I have begun the real world part.”
                  Jonathon Brown, Management Consultant, Vietnam

    “From the first night’s dance to the final goodbye, I have been
    challenged.  What we did was a microcosm of what we do outside in
    the world.  I have never looked at myself like this before.  I have new
    learning that I can test. I feel like a bird that has been kicked out of a
    nest. The ground is coming up fast.”
               Joseph Cobern, System Engineer, The Mechanics Bank

    More specific benefits and testimonials are below and in our case studies.

  • Reframing and understanding leadership and the
    development of leadership potential

    “This program has changed my perceptions of how one develops
    leadership potential.  Initially, I assumed we would be studying the
    leadership traits of recognized leaders.  My assumptions were quickly
    dispelled during the first session.  The focus was to look inward to
    discover how my persona and actions affected my leadership potential.
    The experiences and feedback received from this are priceless.”
     Freda Fiel, Regional Director, Property Operations, State of California

  • Clearer sense of purpose and enhanced risk-taking capacity

    “It amazed me to see how by week three I had clarity, purpose and
    focus . . . you have helped me take a path that was previously not
    considered.  I dared to [do things] differently.”
                          Beena Patel, Senior Account Executive, Oracle

  • Improved communication skills and interpersonal relations

    “My outlook on work, the relationships with my friends and family has
    significantly improved since we came together.”
                                Dale Bouguennec, Executive Director
                               Customer Relations, Cingular Wireless

    “Through this awareness gained from the program I feel less alone in
    the world, less isolated and feel an increased empathy for those that share
    my world.  Perhaps that is a core virtue of leaders.”  
    Phillip Sandoval, Physical Design Engineering Manager, Intel Corporation

  • Development of individual and leadership potential

    “I can draw a line from the first session to the last session to describe the
    gift that this program has been to me.  As it turned out, there was a lot going
    on that I did not sense at all. . . I actually was able to turn my team in to a
    group of successful leaders, once I honed my skills. I have made great
    strides in my efforts to become a better, stronger, more focused individual
    and leader.  I can honestly say that I am better for having taken this
    program."          Robin Rauch, Manager, RAM Trucking, Inc.

  • Staff Development

    I feel empowered to have some new skills to work with my staff in
    developing themselves.”  
    Cheryl Frydel, Pulmonary Clinical Services Director, Kaiser Permanente

  • Career Advancement

    “It's amazing how many new doors have opened up for me since
    completing your program.  I am currently interviewing for a global position
    to head up a new division.  This is an area of my expertise and just six
    months ago I would not have thought it possible for me to pursue this
    position.  Your program has given me the freedom to think differently
    about me, my capabilities and the world around me."
                             Beena Patel, Senior Account Executive, Oracle

  • Ripple Effect within Organizations

    “I have noticed that I am using the concepts I learned in your program the
    most in my working environment.  Just this last week the director and I had
    an incident with another employee.  The manner in which I conducted
    myself and the concepts I used from your program really impressed him. . .
    His whole attitude changed towards me after he and I had a talk, and he
    saw how I conducted myself.”  
         Sheree’ Logan, Pediatric Surgical Care Manager, Kaiser Permanente
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