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    Background  Herbert Otto, one of the pioneers in the field of human
    potential, has asserted that most of us are functioning at a small fraction of
    our potential, including capacity for leadership.  He proposes that we can
    develop dormant resources, live more fully, have richer and more meaningful
    relationships, be more creative, and contribute more to our communities and
    organizations by demonstrating greater social concern and leadership.  

    Among leadership theorists and practitioners, it is generally accepted that
    leadership functions are not confined to role definitions and can emerge from
    anywhere within a group or organization.  An unfortunate reality is that the
    potential for successful leadership lies underdeveloped in many individuals
    and unrealized in many parts of our organizations.

    Two modern sages on leadership provide some guidance about how to elicit
    more leadership capability.  Warren Bennis suggests that the most effective
    leaders know who they are, what their personal strengths and challenges are,
    and how to express themselves fully.  Max DePree describes the “art of
    leadership” as liberating, enabling and polishing people’s gifts.  

    This program is based on Otto’s “human potentialities hypothesis” noted
    above, the assumption that the basic thrust of human beings is toward health
    and optimal functioning and the understanding that the development of
    potentialities is an ongoing, life-long process.  It builds upon Bennes’
    declaration that each of us has the wherewithal for leadership and Depree’s
    conviction that leadership is about liberating people.  

    Process  At the core of this program are the highly effective methods
    developed at the National Center for the Exploration of Human Potential for the
    release of individual potential.  The emphasis is on assessing and developing
    leadership potential and expanding self-definitions.  A variety of positively
    oriented, structured methods are utilized as a framework for self-reflection and
    interpersonal exploration in a small group setting.  We acknowledge and affirm
    personal strengths and power, clarify and diminish blocks to actualizing
    potential, develop empathy and acceptance, and kindle a sense of hope and

    Outcomes  In this program, participants will:

  • Have a deeper appreciation of leadership potential, for themselves
    and others.
  • More fully understand the dynamics of individual and leadership
  • Recognize their personal motivational factors for leadership.
  • Identify their personal strengths and leadership qualities.
  • Become clearer as to their blocks and challenges to exercising
  • Learn to give honest feedback in ways that can be heard and acted
  • Affirm themselves and others in ways that lead to enhanced
  • Learn to communicate directly and engage others authentically.
  • Gain clarity regarding future leadership possibilities.
  • Generate a vision of leadership for themselves.

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Developing Leadership Potential
"If we don't have a self-concept that will allow us to succeed
past a certain point, we don't."
Nathaniel Branden