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    Rousseau's words hold true whether starting up and growing a new venture,
    managing organizational and market challenges, or initiating major change.  
    Personal clarity, vision, "emotional intelligence" and stamina are essential to
    succeed.  Using process consultation, affirmative inquiry and a "systems
    approach" to organizational consulting, MLG consultants address leadership
    in the context of organizational relationships, culture and the myriad other
    factors that impact leader, team and organization effectiveness.  

    Clients of MLG consultants have found the following benefits from our work:

  • Resistance to change overcome
  • Increased communication, understanding and cooperation
  • Enhanced teamwork, cohesion and team problem-solving
  • Improved motivation and individual investment in organization
  • Comprehensive organization development across functions
    and levels
  • Greater understanding of leadership and group dynamics
  • Enhanced relationships and work environment
  • Expanded appreciation of an organization as a system

    Our case studies in organization development are replete with these and other
    results. Below is one example of the latter outcome:

    "We experienced our own organizational 'quantum leap/paradigm shift,'
    when Jeanne so powerfully demonstrated the relationship between our
    individual behavior/competence and our organization's effectiveness and
    success.  We finally 'got it,' i.e., that we as individuals impact the
    organization's effectiveness and the organization's culture and systems
    impact our effectiveness - we don't live and work in a vacuum!”  

    Our consulting process begins with understanding the individual and group
    dynamics at play and developing mutually agreed-upon goals.  This is usually
    followed by some combination of customized services, leadership development,
    and individual and group coaching.  More specifically, our organization
    development consultations often contain a combination of the following

  • Establishing the Consulting Relationship

    We work closely with our clients to define the scope, structure and
    duration of the consultation and assess the business and human
    issues present through in-depth interviews and/or assessment

  • Implementing Organizational Effectiveness Interventions

    We design interventions to bridge identified gaps between current
    and desired states and provide process consultation regarding
    organizational dynamics, group productivity, decision-making, etc.
    Elements included may involve organization and system diagnosis,
    organizational redesign, culture change, strategic planning,
    experiential learning laboratories, off-site retreats and on-site

  • Developing Teamwork

    Improving team performance is one of the most frequently identified
    needs within organizations as reflected in our case studies.  In our
    work, team development can be a major part of our overall
    organization development efforts or a stand-alone program.  Either
    of these approaches usually includes intensive team-building retreats
    and in-house group coaching occurring over time.

  • Facilitating Process

    Our consulting often involves introducing the importance of facilitating
    processes for leadership and organization effectiveness and helping
    members understand group dynamics and effective conflict
    management.  We do this through modeling group facilitation, teaching
    facilitation skills, and observing and shadowing leaders and teams as
    they practice and develop facilitative competencies.
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"Nothing is more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct,
or more uncertain in its success than to take the lead in the
introduction of a new order of things."
Jean-Jacques Rousseau