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    A medical professional, supervisor and rising leader in her large
    health care organization - She was already seen as a strong leader, and
    her direct reports relied upon her.  Below are her own words about her
    experience in our leadership development programs and the benefits from
    her participation:

    Her Process of Growth as a Leader

    I found myself challenged from the moment I walked into the door. . .
    Now, only a short time later, I not only can speak about leadership, but
    I can write a long definition about knowing the true meaning and the
    unending process of growth a leader must be able to possess.”

    “In learning about leadership I had to learn about myself. . . I notice
    some little bit of growth for me after each exercise or discussion. . .
    I have come to know myself better and understand the ways of others.
    This will be beneficial for me in the workplace.”  

    “I know I am becoming stronger and more aware of myself.  These
    classes have inspired and developed this for me.”

    “I am fascinated by Bruce and his perceptions and exercises. . . I am able
    to understand why I am so tired and drained when I come home from work.
    It is not the long hours but the weight I carry daily from the needs of others.”

    I have not learned so much about myself ever.  I feel a change within
    me that I can only benefit from.  It is a feeling that I don’t want to go away.
    I am in touch with this feeling, and I will keep it close to my heart.  It is a
    new found inner strength that is going to allow me to become a better
    person and leader.  I look outside and see a clearness that is sharp.  It is
    hard to describe but like looking out a freshly cleaned window.  The colors
    look brighter and images are becoming sharper.  My mind feels more
    open, tuned in.  It is like having extra space in my head to absorb and
    welcome new thoughts, ideas, and people.”  

    “I have learned so much from these classes about myself and my thinking.
    I envision myself 100 feet tall.  I am able to see my life, my work, my
    dreams, and my future from a higher zone.  Thank you Bruce and
    classmates for the unending learning experiences.”  

    Additional Outcomes from Her Participation and Applications
    to Her World

  • Expanded understanding of leadership

    “Leadership has shown me that this is not about me, but about us.  It is
    about being a team, learning about ourselves, so we can share
    opportunities and support each other.”

  • Increased self-confidence and growth leads to assertive presence
    and contribution

    “I have learned to give up the little girl [in me] that occasionally pokes
    her head out when I feel insecure, inadequate, or inept. . . This came into
    play recently when I needed to attend a court session of a former
    employee that is suing [my company] for wrongful termination.  I wanted
    to run away as the court date came closer.  As manager I had to testify to
    her wrongdoings.  During my court testimony I focused on my learnings in
    your program.  Even though my stomach turned I was able to find the firm
    voice and speak with confidence. . . I left the court house feeling
    energized, feeling proud of the way I presented myself.  [The lessons I
    learned in the leadership program] resonated throughout me and
    brought self confidence hearing my confident and strong voice.  The little
    girl was gone and retreat was not an option."

  • Expanded capacity for staff development

    “I have been having difficulties with my newly hired Assistant Manager.
    We had worked together in the past and did well.  Now in the managerial
    role she was not pulling her weight, and I was becoming frustrated at her
    inabilities to transition from a staff role to management role.  Through your
    leadership program I witnessed development and expansion of character
    in just a few weeks. . . I spoke with [my Assistant Manager] and put a plan
    into action. . . I am excited about her development, and I sense the same
    from her.  I believe with our new communication line and my weekly
    direction she will want to develop more.

Leadership Program Case Study