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    A young woman had considerable potential and was contributing to
    her organization but was unsure of herself interpersonally and in her
    readiness to step up to the responsibilities of leadership.  She entered our
    leadership development program because she was “interested in learning
    more about leadership.”  She found herself stretched by the program yet
    hung in there at every turn to make significant strides.  We could see her
    growing in front of our eyes as she provided a model for leadership
    development to other participants.  In her own words, she described her
    overall reaction to the program:  “It has given me so much perspective on
    many levels.”  Those levels included:

  • I have gained insightful tools about the theories of leadership.

  • I have learned how to listen to others in a different and more caring way.

  • I have learned to see the light that comes from inside a person when they

  • I have learned how to communicate more effectively.  

  • I have learned how to sense the energy in a room.  

  • I am able to apply these lessons easily to life outside the classroom.  

  • I am confident, much more so than I was at the beginning of the program.  

  • I can be a leader.  I am now a leader.  

  • I understand on a much deeper level and one I had not considered before the
    meaning of leadership, and I feel that I am on the way to developing my
    leadership potential.  

  • Most importantly I have learned to trust myself and accept myself.

  • I plan to follow my heart and chase my dreams knowing that I have the ability
    and the tools that I need to be successful.
Leadership Program Case Study